About Matthias Gustavsson

Matthias Gustavsson has been teaching Pilates since 1999. He is a certified Pilates teacher with the Pilates Method Alliance since 2007 and holds certifications in CranioSacral Therapy, Touch for Health levels 1-4, Hyperton-X Stretch and Release System levels 1-2, and Specialized Kinesiology. He served on the Board of Directors for the Pilates Association of Canada in 2002-2004.

Throughout his career, Matthias’ training has been influenced by Diane Miller, Mary Bowen, Marie-Jose Blom-Lawrence, Michelle Larson, Susannah Steers, Sandy Acton and Susanne Ryder. In turn, Matthias is actively involved in the Pilates community. His energy and enthusiasm has made him a sought-after instructor trainer. Matthias has been directly involved in the certification of a number of instructors in the industry.

Matthias takes a holistic approach to health and fitness that considers how all aspects of life impact the body. He strives to design programs that achieve and maintain optimal body function. He believes that dysfunctional, unbalanced movement patterns performed today can progress to more serious ailments if they remain uncorrected. The goal is to correct these issues before they manifest as serious problems.

“Once the body is balanced the Pilates method helps you sustain correct function as well as push your movement abilities to new levels.”

Matthias is an active triathlete, researching and implementing the aspects of Pilates that can improve performance in endurance sports.